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ACCELERATE (R. Harcourt)

Foot goes down, pressure on the back
Wind in the face, don’t look back
Details blur and the little things fly by
All I see is the big blue sky
What lies ahead are bends and turns
And a broken line to measure everything I’ve learned
Mistakes I’ve made and dreams I’ve changed
Thoughts in my head I need to rearrange

I love to accelerate with you by my side
I love to accelerate, baby don’t be late
I love to accelerate, it’s time for us to fly

Take control of wings that work
Eliminate broken things that lurk
Read all the maps and every sign
A new day dawns the horizon line
Feel the power, reveal the truth
Nothing in the world that I can’t do
Take it all in, let it all go
Forgive myself, my friends, my foes

Drive away from all the ghosts and all the pain
Disappear in rear view mirror
Drive away the cold conditions, heavy rain
Disappear in rear view mirror

A whole lot of stops and a few near misses
Saved by luck and your sweet kisses
Not just a way from A to B
A broader view for you and me
Hold my hand, touch my mind
Steer myself by night I’m blind
Lights will flash and sirens sings
Love is rich and cash is king



from Brilliant Addiction, track released April 7, 2010



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